Ingenuity is the enormous added value of Czech products, designs and solutions in international industrial comparisons in the field of energy and the power industry. The Czech “know-how”, which represents cleverness, ingenuity and inventiveness, is frequently applied in Czech production and creative solutions.

Propeller races (left) and Czech electricity (right)

1. Ground floor of the display area

Objects representing unique ideas, designs, patents and products by Czech companies and inventions by Czech scientists, which represent the absolute best among Czech manufacturers and enterprises in the field of energy and the power industry.

  1. SportStar EPOS+ electric aircraft – Evektor s.r.o.
  2. Hedviga – power station using communal waste – HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s.
  3. ŠKODA electric bus with quick-charge station– Škoda Electric a.s. Plzeň
  4. Zero energy building – Fenix Group a.s
  5. Mavel mini-turbine – Mavel, a.s.
  6. The biggest transmission in the world – Wikov a.s.
  7. Virtual model of the Ledvice Power Station “World of 3D Power Stations“ – Škoda Praha a.s.
  8. Electric folding bike – Ekolo.cz
  9. Solar bench – Full Capacity s.r.o.
  10. Flying bike – TECHNODAT, CAE-systémy, s.r.o.

SportStar EPOS+ electric aircraft – Evektor s.r.o.

2. Mezzanine floor

Objects of an interactive and educational character presenting, in an entertaining manner, various solutions for generating, storing and efficiently using electrical energy presented by Techmania Science Center o.p.s.

  1. Propeller races
  2. Types of windmills
  3. Save the power station
  4. Recognizing turbines
  5. Solar drive
  6. The journey of electricity
  7. Saving energy in the household
  8. Operation of a pumped-storage power station
  9. The genius of plants

Visualisation of the display part of the pavilion