The Czech pavilion

The main theme of EXPO 2017 Astana is:

“Future Energy”


» Reduction of emissions
» Energy efficiency
» Energy for everyone

The Czech Republic comes to EXPO with the national theme and the concept of the Czech Republic’s entire participation approved by the Czech government.

“Solution ingenuity”

Visualisation of the entrance to the pavilion

Ingenuity is the enormous added value of Czech products, designs and solutions in international industrial comparison in the field of energy and the power industry. This Czech “know-how”, which represents cleverness, ingenuity and inventiveness, is frequently applied in Czech production and creative solutions. » Location of the Czech pavilion…

Display areas

Visualisation of the display areas within the pavilion

Objects representing unique ideas, designs, patents and products by Czech companies and inventions by Czech scientists, who represent the absolute best among Czech manufacturers and enterprises in the field of energy and the power industry.

Objects of an interactive and educational character presenting, in an entertaining manner, various solutions for generating, storing and efficiently using electrical energy presented by Techmania Science Center o.p.s.