Wikov Industry

Partner’s website: www.wikov.com

Wikov Industry is a traditional and largest manufacturer of industrial gearboxes and gears in the Czech Republic and belongs to the leading global industrial gearbox manufacturers. The manufacturing history is dated back to 1884 in Hronov and 1918 in Pilsen. In its nowadays condition, the Wikov Industry engineering group started to establish in the market in 2002.

The group is formed in the Czech Republic by manufacturing companies Wikov Gear in Pilsen (industrial gearboxes, high-speed gearboxes and gears), Wikov MGI a.s. in Hronov (industrial gearboxes and gear units for renewables – wind, hydro and tidal power plants and drives and gear units for rail vehicles), Wikov Sázavan s.r.o. (manufacture of machine groups and precision engineering components) and Detail CZ (precise parts for trucks, construction and agriculture machinery). R&D division Orbital2 provides for the design of Wikov gear units and is situated in Wales, United Kingdom. The group of Wikov companies is controlled by Wikov Industry a.s. The entire group employs approx. 900 staff and its annual turnover exceeds EUR 68 million. The whole group is long term profitable.