Techmania Science Centre

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The Techmania science centre in Pilsen is an experimental station for inquisitive visitors. It represents a combination between an informal education and a popular tourist destination. The goal of Techmania is to help pupils, students and families with children establish and develop a personal relationship with science and technology and to discover the limits of human knowledge on a general level. The science centre offers permanent and travelling interactive exhibitions focusing not only on physics, astronomy, chemistry or biology, but also on the issue of nutrition, the world of film or the topic of spying and secret services. Physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy and biology are also a topic of popular educational shows and programmes in laboratories and workshops.

As an initiator, partner or coordinator of a number of Czech and international projects, the Techmania team is very active in the field of the communication of science; its project activities overlap into the organisation of educational competitions or seminars, the creation of educational materials and the organisation of thematic exhibitions devoted to the potential of science-research centres and the national coordination of major events such as Noc vědců (Scientist night). The future of the Techmania project, which Škoda Investment, a.s. and the West Bohemian University in Pilsen were involved in, is clear: Techmania wishes to continue to be a firm part of informal education in the Czech Republic.