Ministry Of Regional Development CZ

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The Ministry of Regional Development plays an important role in the Czech Republic and is a strong governmental department that manages all of the policy areas entrusted to it. The Ministry of Regional Development fully supports all of the policy areas, such as regional policy, housing policy, land use planning and the building code, expropriation, investment policy, public auctions and real estate law, EU funds, tourism and the funeral industry. The Ministry’s main goal is harmonic development of the Czech Republic. The Ministry is the partner and voice of the regions, cities and towns as well as of their inhabitants. That, however, required a restructuring to ensure that the new concept of this Ministry be based on the importance of the Ministry of Regional Development’s role in financial subsidies from EU funds as well as in the policy areas that constitute the fundamental pillars of the current Ministry.

The Ministry’s role is also to raise awareness about non-financial development tools, to promote the Czech Republic abroad, to develop and promote guidelines for the successful territorial development of various types of areas including “smart cities”, peripheral rural areas and structurally affected regions and searching for “formulas” to solve their specific problems.