Partner’s website: www.hedviga.cz

HEDVIGA GROUP, a. s. is a Czech Company active in offering technical solutions for the creation of fuels and generation of energy. In its patented PTR solution it presents a method of slow thermic decomposition, which takes place in closed fuel elements without air, at process temperatures ranging from 300 – 500°C, where the input material is decomposed into three other fractions – products over a 2-3 hour period. The last phase of putting the PTR 1000 kW6 into operation is currently taking place in London, Great Britain. This project is the answer to a request for the effective use of rubber waste from tyres and the concurrent production of fuels and generation of electricity. This project is designed from the aspect of a capacity for the generation of 1MW of electricity and 1MW of heat, while achieving a capacity of processing 24 tons of rubber a day.

HEDVIGA sought the optimum energy unit for generating electric energy and heat, utilising gaseous and liquid PTR fuels for the effective use of products from the PTR process (gaseous and liquid fuels), which it ultimately       developed on the basis of its own experience in cooperation with VOP CZ s.p., as VOPTRA D4N, which is based on the TATRA engine.  HEDVIGA is currently developing the second generation – VOPTRA MOMENTA, for the requirements of special fuels. The VOPTRA MOMENTA cogeneration unit is therefore a logical final energy solution for PTR products, which enables the effective generation of electricity and heat while utilising a concurrent duel fuel system. The complex solution of slow thermic decomposition (PTR) of organic materials, including the dual VOPTRA MOMENTA cogeneration unit, provides a comprehensive system and also an economically-suitable material and use of organic materials, particularly waste, to generate energy.