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The Czech Tourism Authority – CzechTourism is an allowance organization of the Ministry for Regional Development. The main objective of CzechTourism and its network of foreign representative agencies is to promote the Czech Republic as an attractive tourist destination on both the European markets, including Germany, Great Britain and Spain as well as non-European countries, such as China, Brazil and the United States.

The basic tools of this promotion include campaigns (on-line, print and outdoor), press and excursion tours, road shows, participation in trade fairs, promotional events, organizing presentations and workshops, collaboration with foreign and Czech entities and establishing and developing contacts with strategic partners.

Domestic tourist regions, cities, municipalities and businesses are important partners of the agency, and the creation of a functional network of partners that brings commercial and non-economic benefits for individual partners of the private and public sector is one of the fundamental objectives of the agency. Apart from the capital city of Prague, which has an exceptional reputation in the world, the aim of the agency is to increase and make more attractive the potential of the less tourist-exposed regions of the Czech Republic, thereby contributing to regional development.

An integral part of the promotion of the Czech Republic at home and abroad is the website managed by CzechTourism including a portal intended for foreign visitors,, and the leisure portal Kudy z nudy (Escape from Boredom), offering tips for trips and vacations primarily for domestic tourists.