EXPO 2017 in Kazakhstan is an opportunity for Czech power engineers. It focuses on innovation.

Czech power companies will have a wonderful opportunity to present their products and technologies to the world and mainly to potential business partners this year. The international EXPO Astana 2017 exhibition, which will take place in Kazakhstan from 10 June to 10 September, focuses on the future of the power industry.

The theme of this international exhibition, which over 110 countries will attend in the Kazakhstan metropolis, is “Future Energy”.

“The Czech Republic is not a world power in the power industry, but it can offer technologies and products with added value to Kazakhstan, where the power industry is one of the most perspective sectors, and to the entire world. Czech technologies are of high quality,” the Commissioner for the Czech participation in the EXPO, Jan Krs, summarised.

Czech innovators will present the SportStar electric aircraft, a special power station using communal waste, the largest transmission in the world for wind turbines, a zero-energy building, a special electric bike, a solar bench, which was very popular with visitors to the previous EXPO in Milan, and a unique project for a flying bike, among others, in the Czech pavilion.

The pavilion will also include a restaurant, where visitors will be able to taste Czech specialities. IGC, which will be operating the restaurant, gained renown in Milan, together with France and Uruguay, as one of the three best restaurants in the entire world EXPO.

“The purpose of our participation is to present our industry to millions of visitors and government and business representatives by means of the Czech pavilion. We want to show the high quality of the power generation technologies we are capable of manufacturing and exporting worldwide,” Vice-President of the Association of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic (AIT CZ) František Chaloupecký added. The Association of Industry and Transport will be organising two business missions, during which company representatives will be accompanied by the President of the Republic, Miloš Zeman, and representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MIT) on a visit to Kazakhstan.

The ingenuity of Czech solutions

The Czech exhibit has the sub-title “Solution ingenuity” for the above reasons. For the first time in history the Ministry of Industry and Trade has jurisdiction over the Czech participation in the EXPO exhibition. This will be provided in cooperation with the CzechTrade government agency for the promotion of exports.

“The shared feature of Czech technological solutions and units, patents and products, is their elaborate and ingenious solutions. This is why the Czech Republic is going to the EXPO Astana 2017 exhibition under the national theme of “solution ingenuity,” says Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimír Bártl.

Arteo CZ was assigned the construction of the exhibit. Its Corporate Agent, Bohumil Bochňák, presented the appearance of the Czech pavilion, the main designers of the exhibition from the well-known Olgoj Chorchoj studio and the designer of the logo for Czech participation in EXPO Astana 2014, artist Ondřej Šmerda.

“The pavilion is divided into two parts. The main display area on the first floor will be devoted to unique inventions, technological solutions and the most modern products by Czech companies. The exhibit includes a more entertaining part with interactive educational exhibits on the topic of power and power generation, which will be popular with children as well as their parents,” Bochňák summarised.

The total budget for the Czech participation in EXPO Astana 2017 will not exceed 100 million Czech Crowns.

Utilising press reports by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic and the Association of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic.

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