Key information about the exhibition

  • What is EXPO?
  • Why is the Czech Republic taking part in EXPO 2017 in Astana?
  • What can visitors see in the Czech pavilion?
  • What opportunities does the exhibition offer to Czech companies and Czech export?
  • Where can you obtain more information about EXPO Astana 2017 and the Czech Republic’s participation?

The concept of EXPO exhibitions

The name EXPO refers to the world expositions, the history of which dates back to the middle of the 19th century. Participants of these exhibitions are countries and international organisations, which have the task of presenting their concepts and contributions in areas defined by the themes of the individual exhibitions. These themes usually represent key issues and questions that are challenging mankind’s development and they invite the participants to present their technical and conceptual solutions. A “major” EXPO takes place every five years (most recently in 2015 in Milan, with the next one taking place in 2020 in Dubai) and smaller exhibitions, called “specialised” EXPOs take place in the interim. EXPO 2017 in Astana falls in the latter category. The organisation of worldwide EXPO expositions is governed by the International Bureau for Expositions (BIE) which is located in Paris.

The Czech Republic’s reasons for participating in EXPO 2017

The government decided that the Czech Republic would participate in EXPO Astana 2017 in its Resolution No. 494 dated 30 May 2016. This resolution also gave the Ministry of Industry and Trade jurisdiction over the Czech Republic’s participation. In the past the Czech Republic has traditionally participated in the “major” EXPO expositions. The decision to participate in the specialised EXPO 2017 exposition is chiefly based on its sector specialisation and its venue. The power industry represents a sphere in which the Czech Republic can boast a number of inventions, innovative technologies and successful companies on a worldwide level. This also concerns one of the most perspective sectors for collaboration with Kazakhstan, which has been a major business partner to the Czech Republic for some time and is a territory with potential for the development of Czech exports. However, as a keenly observed international event, EXPO Astana 2017 also generally provides an appropriate opportunity to increase awareness of the Czech Republic worldwide. This can also be utilised to establish partnerships and promote the Czech Republic’s good reputation in various spheres of social life.

The concept of Czech participation

According to the approved concept, in its main exhibit at EXPO 2017, the Czech pavilion will present “solution ingenuity” that is characteristic for technologies developed by Czech scientists and specific product applications by Czech companies. The pavilion will also acquaint exposition visitors with interesting tourist destinations and individual regions in the Czech Republic, traditional Czech cuisine and Czech beer. It will also include an accompanying programme with demonstrations of traditional arts and contemporary Czech culture. An important goal of the Czech Republic’s participation in EXPO 2017 is to promote the business activities of Czech companies in Kazakhstan and in the surrounding region, which is why specialised seminars and other events focusing on the power industry are being prepared within the terms of the accompanying programme.

Involvement of companies and promotion of exports

The Czech Republic’s participation is conceived so that it promotes, to the greatest possible extent while complying with the rules of the exhibition, the activities of companies and business entities interested in a business partnership with Kazakhstan and the surrounding countries. This is why top Czech technologies and products, and not only those in the energy industry, will be presented to visitors in the main display area and in other parts of the Czech Republic’s pavilion. Specialised seminars, presentations and workshops prepared in cooperation with pro-export institutions, commercial representations, professional associations and individual companies will also be taking place during the exhibition. These events will acquaint foreign business entities, reporters and representatives of government administrations with Czech solutions in selected spheres of the energy industry, where the Czech Republic achieves worldwide quality. The Czech Republic’s pavilion and its conference areas will also be available for use by individual companies or other subjects for organising their own events and business meetings.

Useful links and contact information

General information about the exhibition is given on the website at

Information about the Czech Republic’s participation and useful links for visitors can be found on the website at

The Office of the Commissioner, established within the terms of the CzechTrade Agency, provides the preparation and organisation of the Czech Republic’s participation. Its individual employees can be contacted depending on the type of query:

Parties interested in partnership, collaboration with the Office of the Commissioner

Jan Krs
telephone: +420 224 855 201

Queries by newspaper reporters, PR activities

František Kočí
Manager for PR and Marketing
telephone: +420 224 855 189

Queries by business entities, commercial information about the territory, involvement by companies

František Masopust
Coordinator of Specialised Programme
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Other queries, practical information

Eva Koňaříková
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